In the 3500 m2 large indoor spa, apart from swimming, medicinal and wellness pools, we are looking forward to your coming with a medicinal department as well. The Lenti water, the 40000 year-old, sodium-hydrogen-carbonated thermal water is suitable for the treatment of cardiovascular problems, spine (neck, back, waist), lumbago, arthritis and joint erosion diseases (shoulder, elbow, hand, waist, knee, ankle). Additional medical treatments connected to the thermal water can be requested upon preliminary medical examination.



There is a lot more to Lake Sarberki than the beauties of nature. Being a mine lake originally, later it was converted into an angling pond. The lake occupying about 6 hectares and surrounded by beautiful landscape is situated in the north-eastern end of the little, riverside town, Lenti, is ideal for those who are keen on angling and spending their holidays by water.



The longest narrow gauge system in Hungary is situated near Csömödér, the total length of the system is 102.9 km. Passenger traffic is just on the 32 km long Lenti-Csömödér-Bázakerettye-Kistolmács route is avaliable. The most of the lines are used just for freight (wood) traffic. The area of the railway system is beatufil, you can find spas, museums, old churches and arboretums here.



The szécsiszigeti Szapáry Andrássy Palace in the old castle built on the site from today,reaching form was originally anU-shaped, which is made from a 1864 map. The building itself is a few meters from the Valley of the Kerka outstanding, partly artificial hill is.
Almost certain that such an ideal natural conditions and in addition to continuously inhabited since the Middle Ages onwards could stand in Water Mill. The current form of the mass of the eighteenth mid-century on behalf of the Szapáry wins.